Dora Bath Toys - 2010 Christmas Hot Toys

Dora Bath Toys

dora bath toys

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Michaela's impromptu nap

Michaela's impromptu nap

Michaela's Daddy was walking her around in her backpack, while her Mommy was finishing up holiday cooking swap baking. Mommy had just finished cleaning the kitchen & turned around to take her for their bath, and found the mrm had fallen asleep...holding both her favorite toy (her Dora can see the foot, just barely) and the "moo-moo-moo-moo" singing cow (to the tune of Deck the Halls). Many thanks to Uncle Johnny and Cousins Danielle, Stephanie and Jacko for the Dora last Christmas...Michaela REALLY loves Dora.

swap for Misfit In Toyland

swap for Misfit In Toyland

Sticker sheets
Missy B pen
3 pairs of socks
disney tin candy container
make up pouch
Surprise bag toy
Key cover from HK
Dora biscuits
Some stuff for dolls :D
Bath soap froggie
Bath cloth
HK chewing gum
letter set
Memo pad with bear

dora bath toys

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